Meet the Team


The charity operates as a Trust under the charity law of England and Wales, and has its official residence in Maidstone, Kent. Seven Trustees are currently on the Board, 4 residing in the UK, 2 in Belgium and the seventh in th US. The accounts are monitored by an independent examiner before being submitted to the Charities Commission annually. Bank accounts in Belgium, the UK, the USA and Kenya are all managed on-line with dual signatories.

The Operational Team

Richard and Denise Baines...

...are the charity's founders. They have taught in International schools and colleges in Belgium for many years and have a long-standing interest in education and the developing world.

Japheth Mutinda, Kenyan Director...

...carries responsibility for the day-to-day running of the project in Kenya, including placing students in boarding schools, overseeing building projects, and representing the Giraffe Project in an official capacity. Japheth is the Director of Green Pastures School, where his wife, Margaret, is Headmistress and founder.

Eunice Mutua

As Kenyan project administrator, Eunice manages the office and the sponsorship programme at the Kenyan end. As Counsellor, her key role is to support and advise the secondary school and college students.

Johnstone Ndunde... in education and community development. In his spare time he is Chairman of the Tumaini School board and education advisor to our new secondary school.

Rosemary Mbogo

Our original Kenyan Executive, Rosemary is currently a 'sleeping partner' whilst in the US working on her PhD. A teacher trainer working at NGEST college in Nairobi, she founded Tumaini School.

Mark O'Connell and Karen Yeowell...

...have been part of Giraffe since its beginnings, when they were living in Belgium. They now live in the US but continue to take an active role in the project's development. Mark is an advisor to the board.

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