The Giraffe Education Centre and
Neema School

Welcome to The Giraffe Education Centre!

This building, purchased and adapted in June 2012 at a cost of £42,000 or €50,000, is an hour outside the city surrounded by corn fields. It will be in use from August 2012, initially providing classrooms and offices for the 70 students and 11 staff at Neema Secondary School.

Neema School

The new boarding facility is 80 metres from the new school. Giraffe is renting this with an option to buy it for £54,000 or €65,000. These students can't wait to move in!

Neema SchoolNeema School

Graduates from Kenya's schools and universities do not find jobs easily. There is high unemployment in most sectors, and many will have to re-train or found their own business.

Recognising the current job market, as well as the particular needs of the children from the slums, the Giraffe Education Centre aim to provide

  • A caring environment where young people can be nutured and counselled
  • A chance to grow in confidence and develop self-worth; things that slum life, abandonment and abuse have robbed many of
  • Practical skills for life and work, such as management of personal finances or a small business
  • Academics appropriate to the individual student:
    • A strong academic foundation for those with the interest and ability to do well
    • Vocational skills that meet the demands of the local marke

The Giraffe Education Centre will provide schooling with a difference, initially hosting 2 initiatives: Neema Secondary School, and the Giraffe Vocational Institute.

Neema School is entirely Giraffe-funded, and run by Giraffe personnel. Founded in 2010, it is already providing the academic arm of the centre. It is a registered KCSE school, and 2 years of final year students have all passed KCSE with grades ranging from B to D+. Most have taken up sponsored places in vocational courses at institutions such as Kenya Medical Training College, government teacher training colleges, Kinyanjui Technical training institute (for Accountancy, Business Management, Cooperative Management, Electrical Technician and Auto mechanics) and private colleges (for Early Childhood Education, Catering and Hotel Management, and Hairdressing).

The school has been in temporary accomodation since its beginnings, most recently occupying the top floor of the Tumaini Primary School's new building. Now it is being incorporated into Giraffe's new venture.

The Giraffe Vocational Insitute will open in January 2013 and will take students who find themselves not best suited to a purely academic programme. They will follow a mixed programme with some academic subjects and some vocational ones. IT and catering with business management will be the first areas taught.

Students will have the opportunity to switch between these different threads, depending on their progress.

Surrounding the new school building and the boarding house are other plots of land that would allow us to expand and build workshops for vocational training. Already we are planning the school canteen to be run by the staff and students as a business.

To develop this vision we need £165,000 or €200,000 over the next 18 months, and with your help, we believe this is achievable. Please tell your friends, ask your employer, organise a fund-raiser....You will be helping change the lives and futures of some of the most disadvantaged young people on earth.

Neema SchoolNeema School

These students are excited at seeing the school for the first time, even if it does need a coat of paint on the walls!

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