Post-Secondary Vocational Studies

Secondary school culminates in the second set of national exams the Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Education. But what then? Only those few who achieve A or B+ will ever have the chance to go to university. Our goal is to give our sponsored students a chance to earn a decent living so as to break the poverty cycle, not to send them back to beg in the slums. To achieve this, most of our school leavers need a little more help.

Unity College...

In July 2008 Unity College of Professional Studies offered us a partnership amounting to half price on their fees. There the students can spend 6 - 18 months studying hairdressing, tourism, catering, hotel management, IT, accounting, auto-mechanics or a host of other practical courses.

The Hostels...

With few exceptions, these students do not have families who can support them. We rent one-roomed apartments, each of which can house 4 - 5 girls during their studies. Though small, they are clean, dry, have electricity and are close to college.

College typically costs around 70 euros a month, about half of which is college fees, which are usually paid by a sponsor. The rest is rent and living expenses. Our College Fund accepts donations towards these costs.

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