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In Primary School

Primary education is from age 6 - 14 (8 years). Pre-primary is from 3 - 6. All sponsored pupils receive school meals.

Includes tuition and food, a new uniform once a year, all textbooks, a medical check and annual class outing. Cost per month: £25 or £21 + gift aid, 30 euros, 38.50 USD.

Sponsor a child today (primary sponsorship agreement form)

More information for sponsors in Europe
More information for sponsors in the UK
More information for sponsors outside the UK and Eurozone
TGE in Italy

For tax relief in Switzerland

Please contact the Swiss Philanthropy Organisation. Email contact@swissphilanthropy.ch to receive bank account details and instructions on how to pay but please don't forget to add the communication: Giraffe Project

Use of TGE costs us 5% of your gift in fees. We therefore ask you to add €1.58 for primary or €2.32 for secondary to cover this.

In Secondary School

Sponsorship to a secondary boarding school costs: £36 or £30 + gift aid, 44 euros, 56.50 USD. This covers fees, boarding, bus fares to and from school, and a small amount of personal pocket money distributed monthly. Secondary school takes 4 years to complete. We have students at all levels who need sponsorship to finish.

Sponsor a child today (secondary sponsorship agreement form)

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