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From Primary School to University

Welcome to the Giraffe Children's Charity site! 

The Giraffe Children's Charity is a little bit different, because we can and do take our students from primary school right through to college or university graduation.

You'll find plenty here to inspire you, intrigue you and make you want to celebrate the amazing achievements of children from Nairobi's slums.

Giraffe Children's Charity

Kids from the slums - curious, eager and wistful

Helping children from the Nairobi slums through education

Giraffe grew out of the desire to help desperately poor youngsters to grow strong and stand tall.

We are an education charity working in the slums of Nairobi. We build schools and other infrastructure and sponsor children through primary, secondary and college education.  Then we work to help them find employment.

Take your time and look around, and if you have any questions or want to help, drop us a line.

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Latest News

Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Education results

Apple and books in school

The KCSE is the final secondary school exam in the Kenyan system. Our students have really stepped up - we had one in the top 4% nationwide and 3 in the top 7%.  Those are outstanding achievements!

Save the date - Brussels 20k run 27 May 2018

Feet running a marathon

The Brussels 20K run is on 27 May.  To take part and raise money for Giraffe Children's Charity, contact. admin@giraffeproject.org  You can sponsor our runners here

New entrants to our secondary school, GEC

Eunice, a former student, talks to parents and students about GEC.  We will have 36 new students and we do need sponsors.  See our Sponsorship page if you can help

Vernissage in aid of the Giraffe Children's Charity

We are holding a vernissage of the paintings of Joyce Tiffen (1926-2017) who created watercolours like these.  We hope to sell them for the Charity.  See our Get Involved page for details

Our new classrooms are going up in fine style

The second storey of our classroom block is taking shape.  They will provide 2 new bright and airy classrooms (much-needed). Thanks to all who supported.  See our donate page if you'd like to help

New counselling services for our students

Or young people have experienced many  problems: trauma, abuse, illness.  With the help of professional counsellor, and lecturer, Cecilia, we are setting up a counselling programme .  See our donate page for details

Learn about what we are doing and read the stories from our students, teachers and partners

Giraffe by the numbers

1,000,000 children live in Nairobi's slums

Slum roofs - tiny tin houses

It's thought that around a million children live in poverty in Nairobi's massive slums.  

And we are making a difference!

450 students sponsored by Giraffe

Tumaini library

At any one time we're sponsoring around 450 young people in schools and colleges

11 years helping young people walk tall

Mother and daughter

Our first students now have jobs and families.  And they're passing on the love they received, by sponsoring others.

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Funds for projects and for running costs make all the difference.

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Sponsorship drives everything.  Without it our young people would be lost.

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