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Today we start interviewing for the new batch  of entrants to our secondary school.  36 children will be offered a great start to the secondary schooling- but we need sponsors.  Please help

Sponsorship makes a difference!



After being sponsored through schoool and college, Risper is now a physiotherapist working in a hospital - helping to support her community



The slums can crush potential of young people, but with the right support all their potential can be unlocked, as Irene, now a pharmacist, can testify



Knowing how it feels to be supported in his own journey, Ashley has set up his own charity to care for children in the slums

Who to sponsor

Green Pastures children freed after the final bell


Learn more about our our two primary schools

  • The monthly cost to sponsor a primary child is: £25, €30, or US$38.50. 
  • Sponsored pupils receive tuition, a hot school meal every day, a new uniform once a year, all textbooks, a regular medical  and annual class outing.  
  • Primary education is from age 6 - 14 (8 years). Pre-primary is from 3 - 6.  
  • Tax can be reclaimed on sponsorships in many  countries.

Impromptu lessons at GEC - these kids are thirsty for knowledge


Learn about GEC - the secondary school we set up with your support

  • Sponsorship to a secondary boarding school costs: £66, €75, or  US$86.
  • This covers all fees including teachers salaries, matron, counsellor, guards, stationery, boarding, school trips and a small amount of personal pocket money distributed monthly. 
  • Secondary school takes 4 years to complete. 
  • Tax can be reclaimed on sponsorships in many  countries.
  • Secondary sponsorships can be shared between two sponsors.

Ashley Ken children's rights advocate...and more

University and College

The picture on the left is one of our favourites - Ashley, one of our graduates, who has now set up his own charity in the slums.  An amazing story!

Learn more about our higher education programme

  • College and university fees vary according to the course.  Most courses take between 1 - 5 years depending again on the course and the level of the qualification.
  • Higher education qualifications are vital in securing regular employment in Kenya.  
  • As for school sponsorships, tax can be reclaimed on college and university sponsorships in many countries.

Sponsorship form

We have simple, online Sponsorship Agreement that covers all our programmes from Primary to College and University.  Press the blue button to access the form.

Gift Aid form

If you're a UK taxpayer and you want to Gift Aid your donation access our online Gift Aid form here