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Getting involved

Brussels 20k image from 2018

Are you a runner?

The calm before the storm! Meet our generous runners raising much-needed funds for our Kenyan students.

We are looking for more people to join our team of runners in the Brussels 20k on 19th May 2019.  

Email us on 20k@giraffeproject.org for more information.

Giraffe students and the 2016 team at the UN in Nairobi

Teen visit - a life-changer

Nearly every year we take a team of 16-18 year olds to Kenya to work in our schools and in the slums.  Younger students accompanied by a parent are also warmly welcome!

For our Kenyan students it's a highlight of the year - connection with others who  want to understand their circumstances and who care enough to see for themselves. And for those who visit it is a truly life-changing experience.

Here our 2016 team are taking a group of GEC students to the UN environmental programme in Nairobi.

Our next trip will be in early July 2018, and we will be talking to applicants later this year.  

Contact us to find out more


Work with our Kenyan craft sales

We sell Kenyan crafts at school fairs and in company lobbies to raise money for the project.  

The range includes amazing carvings and soapstone utensils, practical pieces like African olive wood salad-servers, small items that a child might like to have (like these animals here) and more!

If you'd like to be involved in helping run one of our sales or running one of your own, at work for instance, we can support you with everything you need. 

Please contact us. 

More quick ideas...

Colourful posters and ideas for charity fundraisers

It's your birthday...or New Year...or an anniversary...

...and you want to hold the customary celebratory dinner party.  

One thing you may like to do is to ask your guests not to bring wine or flowers, but to give the equivalent as a donation. 

Pub Quiz

Ever popular - lots of fun - and friendly pubs are often happy to help.  They get plenty of custom too!  

Winning team gets a token gift - and bragging rights.  The balance after costs can be put to very good use by Giraffe!

Bake sale

If you've been involved in these before, you'll know that they are surprisingly good fundraisers.  

Try work or your local church or club - you may be very pleasantly surprised. Do rope in the kids, the neighbours and anyone else you can!


If you already enjoy these activities, why not get people to sponsor you for doing what you love?  

If sport isn't your thing there's always spelling (or the pub quiz!)

We will support you

If you need information about the Giraffe Children's Charity, about children needing sponsors, brochures, factsheets, even invitations - let us know - (with a bit of notice, please!) 

Of course we're going to support you! 


Drop us a line