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Perhaps it's a cliché to say, "every little helps"

But we've seen new buildings where every member of a community contributed around half a Euro for a brick, or 2 Euros to buy the brick and the cement and the labour to build a wall.  

It's a lesson in commitment, but it takes a long, long time!

With your generosity, we can go a lot faster.  Please explore the projects below, and if you'd like to donate you only have to press the button.  


Our projects


 Over the years, we have supported many children through school and college. but we have also undertaken several large projects. With the support of generous donors, we have been able to:

  • provide a borehole for a much-needed rural school
  • build a complete primary school in Mathare slum (see picture)
  • buy and renovate a secondary school just outside Nairobi
  • provide a safe and reliable school bus for the 

Equipping the new classrooms

Building our two new classrooms is well underway. But we still need tables, desks blackboards and the like.  Please help us finish the job. Thank you!

Startups - fulfilling basic needs

As our new students start school they need a host of things that we called start-ups.  These include a metal trunk for clothes, washing kit - bowl, flannels and towels, shoes and so on.  If you can help with these you'll be setting the young people up for a successful start to their secondary schooling