College & University Programme

We have 56 students in College and University

In September we will have 56 students from the Nairobi slums in our higher education programme. 21 are, or will be doing degrees at universities and 35 are, or will be doing diplomas or vocational studies.

You have been part of something amazing

When you think about the start these young people had - the poverty, illness, being orphaned, being abused - what they have accomplished with your help as sponsors, almost defies belief.


At the end of this journey with Giraffe, they will receive degrees in education, mechanical engineering, business & IT, biochemistry, biotechnology, applied statistics with computing and resolution & humanitarian assistance.


They will receive diplomas in nursing, teaching, automotive engineering, electrical engineering, psychology & counselling and accounting

Vocational Qualifications

And at the end of this amazing journey from the desolate slums, they will receive vocational qualifications in food technology, electrical engineering, hotel & catering, travel & tourism and mechanical engineering.

You have helped turn the worst possible start in life, into the best possible entry into adult life! 


Feels good, doesn't it!