The Giraffe Team

John Newbold

John Newbold

Chairman of the Giraffe Children's Charity Board, John is responsible for bringing together the diverse skills of the Board, steering the Charity to a sustainable and long-term future.  

John is actually a ruminant scientist, and it may not be a coincidence that giraffes themselves are ruminants - we're not sure!  One thing we are certain of is his deep care and commitment to the children of the Giraffe Children's Charity.


Denise Baines

 Denise is the driver behind our educational programmes.  She is a lecturer and teacher in Maths and Physics a senior marker for the International Baccalaureate.

She is passionate about education, and ensuring each child is given the best possible start in life, because she knows education is the key to breaking the poverty cycle for the young people we serve. 


Richard Baines

Richard and his wife Denise co-founded the Giraffe Project after a family holiday to Kenya.

Richard is a senior teacher and has a deep understanding of how education systems work - including the environment in which young people learn best.

An accomplished project leader, Richard heads up our infrastructure development programme.


Peter Stastny

Peter took on the role of board member when he stepped down as Giraffe CEO in 2016.

Peter, like many of the team is a volunteer, and in his other life, he is an expert on aviation safety.

For Giraffe, he is heavily involved in governance and HR, and supports Jackie in managing the College programme, where he has considerable expertise.


Japheth Mutinda

Japheth has been a supporter of the Charity since our early days, and his gentle wisdom benefits all of us.  

He is a fervent believer in what young people can accomplish given the right support, and he works tirelessly on their behalf.


Ian Dalton

Ian is our marketing and communications director and enthusiastic leader of the annual student mission, where we take a group of European teenagers to Kenya for the trip of a lifetime. Go to our Get Involved page to learn more.

He has also been known to knock up the odd brochure and organise the occasional pub quiz in his home town of Brussels.


Tony Sims

Tony has a long history in Africa, treasury and education, and so is an ideal man to be the financial head of the Giraffe Children's Charity.

Tony ensures that Giraffe manages its funds legally, ethically and as effectively as possible in support of our Kenyan young people.


Jürgen Koenemann

Jürgen joined the Giraffe board, having been a supporter of the Charity for many years.  

Amongst many other activities, he helps manage the incredible support we have in Germany, and provides the Charity with sound business advice and practices in order to meet our goals more effectively.


Jackie Newbold

Jackie runs our sponsorship programme, tirelessly liaising with sponsors and students and our teams in Kenya, ensuring that those vital relationships really work well. She is also in charge of finding new sponsors.  

Jackie is also a scientist, but you won't be surprised to learn that she is fully involved in the Charity.


Lilian, Elisabeth and Samson

Everything we do needs the support of our  Nairobi office.  Lilian, manages our finances with immense skill and dedication.

Liz is our local Sponsorship Officer.  Her motto is "Everyone matters".

Samson joined us a few years ago, and  provides much-needed support to the office.